Orbital Decisions Visual Loom Loading Planning System v3.1.3


This demonstration program is a simplified version of a system already in use at a textile factory and employs our visual drag and drop scheduling component system for Borland Delphi, which is used to represent individual looms in the factory. The purpose of the system is to experiment with various loom loading scenarios, comparing their requirements and outputs to arrive at the optimal solution for achieving the production targets with the available raw materials in an efficient manner (eg: minimizing the number of reed changes). Also, the rules built into the program and database go a long way to preventing costly errors with the various yarn combinations, etc.

Software (source code in Delphi).
August 1998 v2.0; April 1999 v2.5; July 2002 v3.1.3

Price incl Source, Scheduling Component and Scheduling Component's source: $1995.00
All other Orbital Decisions' components (excl InfoQuest®) also supplied.
Note: Requires Interbase Database although with the source you can modify to run on any database.

Please contact us if you want us to send you this demo application and/or a presentation. You don't need Delphi or Interbase to run the demonstration. View Screen Shot (73K)

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Where required, we can create applications using our scheduling component or provide consultancy to meet your particular requirements - please contact us.

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