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I am an excellent (knowledgeable, experienced, versatile) software engineer, and have worked in a number of languages and databases and in a number of different industries. I am mostly involved in financial related systems due to the fact that I have a Computer Science Degree and MBA and understand how financial software integrates with finance. I have developed complex systems and solved immense problems. I believe in bug free software development and rate myself on how many times I am called out with bug fix requests compared with new requests. I have had a number of systems running for years without any changes required.

One particularly memorable project had a team of 15 people working on it. I was called in as they were stuck with a complex financial problem. After a day of meetings and another day of trying to solve the problem, I asked the Project Manager if I could try a new approach. He said "try anything." Within a few days I found a new approach that was based on "first principals" in accounting using simple T-accounts in a PowerPoint presentation to show how the complex issues could be solved. After this I was on the team and helped develop a successful loyalty program for one of my client's clients.

I enjoy statistical analysis and reporting. I have speedup up large systems and found innovative ways of working that reduce my clients' costs because of my ethos of "working to make myself redundant." I am so successful at this that my clients keep asking me to do more and more work for them. I believe that bug free software is possible as a scientist with a 4 year Computer Science Honours Degree and a Master of Business Administration degree (MBA), I know that software should be a science, not simply an art.

I look forward to meeting you and working with you. Here follows my "CV Proper."


My Power Station: Software Development

Every complex process is made up of a sequence of simple steps. My job is to find those simple steps and thereby make your lives easier.
I believe that bug free software is possible and make my mission to deliver it to you in the shortest possible time and at the best price.
If I can find ways to save you money even if it means that I will have less work, then I will do this. In the past this has always meant more work for me at my clients as they love it when I save them money.
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My special and unique abilities: 1) 'Active Listening'. Listening and communicating in my client's language by understanding their environment and jargon and using my wide, yet detailed understanding of software development, supplemented with my Computer Science Honours Degree and MBA to deliver the right information technology solutions on time and at the right cost; 2) Quickly assimilating and understanding various clients systems and needs and solving problems quickly, on time and at the least cost; 3) A mixture of factory/operations management and understanding; accounting; production management; corporate processes, software development (full life cycle); project management; liasing with staff at all levels. This gives me a unique ability to be able to understand the client's staff's requirements and to quickly translate this into IT and IS processes; 4) I work to make myself redundant.

Residence: Cape Town, South Africa
Cell: 074-119-3246;
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My Power Station (formerly Orbital Decisions); Information Systems and SSEG Energy Consultancy, Cape Town, South Africa

Aug 1995 to Current; Positions: Owner, Software Engineer, Energy Expert.
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Previous Work History

Orbital Decisions, London, England: Nov 1994 to Jul 1995

Moore Stephens Chartered Accountants, London, England: Nov 1990 to Nov 1994 Trace Computers PLC, London, England: Feb 1989 to Oct 1990 Jan 1987 to Jun 1989: Contracting in England, South Africa and Australia including managing a multi-site Unix and DOS system. Systems incl: investment management; production planning

Tertiary Education
Dec. 1985: B Sc Computer Science - University of Cape Town
Dec. 1986: B Sc (Hons) - Rhodes University: Wrote a wages system that is still in use
Dec. 1992: MBA - Cranfield School of Management
June 1996: Textile Certificate Course - Cape Technion.
Other Certificates
Oracle Designer 6i First Class
Oracle 9iAS Develop Web-Based Applications with PL/SQL and the Web PL/SQL Toolkit
D-Link Training Academy 2002
Achievement Awards Finance Department

Some Personal Achievements

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