David's Observations

Off the shelf software is designed to last 1 to 2 years.
Bespoke software is designed to work forever on the current platform (5 to 10 or more years).

My Motto: If you don't try, you won't know.

Orbital Decisions' Motto: We work to make ourselves redundant.

My Top 8 Books that every working person must read in order of significance: 1) The One Minute Manager (Blanchard) [reason: how to manage and be managed]; 2) The Goal (Goldratt) [how life really works]; 3) The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Stephen Covey) [unconditional love; team building; relationships]; 4) Hammer (Armand Hammer) [The Most Important Marketing Book Ever Written]; 5) Danziger's Travels (Danzinger) [courage]; 6) Selling To Win (Denny) [Keep Trying]; 7) Organizational Culture and Leadership (Schein) [culture defined and how culture develops]; 8) Zen and The Art of Motor-Cycle Maintenance (Pirsig) [people are more important than buildings].

Just as weeds grow and regrow in our gardens and our gardens need to be weeded, so a similar thing happens if our organisations aren't attended to and watched by their leaders and senior management. Some of my clients have complained that they need to train and three months later retrain their staff. If one considers that weeds grow in gardens and that we don't get upset by this, why should we get upset when we have to retrain our staff. Circumstances change. Training can and should be considered as an investment in staff and in our products.

Cell phones lead to loneliness. Why? Because we don't have enough private time with our loved ones because we are continuously being interrupted by TV, Phones, Cell Phones, etc. We have no depth in our relationships or discussions anymore. All our discussions are interrupted one way or another just as they get going. Turn off your cell phones for 3 hours a day and see what a difference it makes in your lives. Preferably for at least 2 hours when you get home at night. Anyone who needs you can wait 3 hours. If God wants you he'll send lightening.

Hypothesis: Smoking leads to destressing although cancer is lower in non-smokers. However, non-smoking (in the smoking community) leads to higher stress levels making drugs like Prozac and Zantac more widely used. Instead of the tabacco companies making money, the drug companies make money.

Communism is an extreme form of Capitalism. A few people at the top own everything (nationalisation!).

In democratic countries, some industries must be nationalised and potentially run at a 'loss'. These industries include Power Generation, Railway and Bus Transportation and obviously Externalities such as Defence, Road Building, etc. Why should this be? Because without these infrastructures, our countries would not have efficient private sector industries.

Privatisation is a funny business. I agree that monopolies are inefficient, but I don't mind the state owning companies or industries as long as they share their 'markets' with private organisations. Let's start at the beginning. Who owns the nationalised organisations, eg Telkom in South Africa? We, the public, of course. This means that we have already paid for these companies (organisations) to exist (via our taxes). Then the government comes along and privatises the industries. That means that we, the public, pay for these organisations twice. I think this is a very clever way of increasing taxes - and getting foreign income - and making the Rand stronger. Now back to the beginning. We need competition. It is healthy. In the electricity sector we need private people to be allowed to make electricity and to pump their excess into the national grid - and get a discount off their rates at the rates charged. But instead they are offered the same rates as the electricity generator which are very low compared with the charges once the electricity reaches people's houses. (Solar Power / Wind Power). Added DL030211

Cricket is for fishermen who don't like to catch fish.

A swimming pool is the curse of the middle class.

I made R5000 on the lottery last year. How? I didn't buy a ticket.

An absention is a vote for the winner!

A person who doesn't vote votes for the winner!

Voting is your democratic obligation!

Hypothesis: The world is fragmenting, but it is a good thing because people must learn to live together, but still be able to observe their own cultures and customs.

It would seem that technique is more important than size except in big business.
I hope that this doesn't apply in your organisation.

We are all mathematicians: We use at least 7 different counting systems every day: Base 10 for decimal; Base 60 for seconds and minutes; Base 24 for days; Base 7 for weeks; Base 12 for months; Base 10 for decades; Base 100 for Centuries.

Each of us is more powerful than all the computers in the world put together. Show me a computer that can cross a busy two way road (incl pavements and no centre island).

Other Peoples Expressions

Malcolm Mattiani: The past has a vote, not a veto.

Architectural Digest: A bedroom should be a dream. A fantasy. Mystical, make-believe. Or fun, fanciful, frivolous. It should be rich, original, inviting. Tasteful, of course. Perhaps provocative. Maybe even funky. But never, ever dull.

Flying 1: Know Safety, No Pain; No Safety, Know Pain
Flying 2: Flying is a discipline; Safety is an attitude

A. Saygal: My wife makes me feel safe in the world.

Anonymous: "Normal" is getting dressed in clothes that you buy for work, driving through traffic in a car that you are still paying for, in order to get to the job that you need so you can pay for the clothes, car and the house that you leave empty all day in order to afford to live in it.

Antony Stone: Think about this for a second. What if we, the general population, loved films that deal with human conflict and love stories at the same level that we enjoy action movies and we thought action movies were soppy. Hmmm.

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