David Lipschitz Personal Achievements

A Wages Program that I started writing whilst at university and implemented in April 1986. It was written in Turbo Pascal v3 and initially ran on an Olivetti M24 (8086 PC with 640K of RAM) with two hard drives and later a 10MB hard drive. It was 8000 lines of code and took 8 minutes to build (full compile). In about 1989, I upgraded it to Turbo Pascal 5.5 and took advantage of 'units'. In 1999, I rewrote it in Delphi 3 and Interbase. It is now 19937 lines plus the database schema in Interbase. It takes about 7 seconds to build on a Celeron 2GHz with two 40GB hard drives and 1GB of RAM. It had its 18th Anniversary in April 2004.

I taught myself to Touch Type whilst doing honours in 1986.

I design, develop and maintain Orbital Decisions' text Web site. I designed the layout for Orbital Decisions' graphics site.

I enjoy what I do. I enjoy South Africa.

I'm good at what I do because of three strengths: 1) I ask lots of questions; 2) I check my work; 3) I found my vocation.

I do the jobs of about 8 (full time) people: Chairman, CEO, Project Manager, Systems Analyst, Programmer, Administration Manager, Book-keeper, Librarian. I work about 170 to 230 hours per month.

I did a part-time MBA in January 1991 to December 1992 at Cranfield University near Milton Keynes, north of London, UK. I did it so that I could communicate quickly with clients in their language. I learnt how to do this. I met a lot of very interesting people and had a lot of fun. It was hard work, but well worth it.

First Team Cross-Country at Westerford High School.

David's Winter Solstice Birthday Bash held on 21st June 1997 (12 course meal):
1) Sherry; 2) Carpaccio; 3) Asparagus; 4) Minestrone; 5) Cape Marsala Fish; 6) Sorbet;
7) Coq au vin; 8) Cunard a l'orange; 9) Sarme; 10) Creme Caramel / Cherry Pie;
11) Cheese; 12) Fruit; Coffee / Port.
5 couples: men dressed in black tie and women in gowns.
Specific wines appropriate to each course.
Background: I always wanted to have a 12 course meal and finally in June 1997, the opportunity presented itself.

Going Solo whilst learning to fly in 1986 whilst at university.

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