Orbital Decisions Product Descriptions
as at 15th July 2010

All Orbital Decisions components (except InfoQuest and Schedule) are free as of 1st January 2004.

The following shareware products are currently available from us:


UserPriv Application Free


TODJobSchedule US$1995 (incl Loom Loading Scheduling/Planning Application)

InfoQuest Query Builder Business Component Suite was US$349.95 (rights for sale)

Not for sale anymore. We are however prepared to sell the rights to this code for a reasonable amount.

DataXChange Data Import and Export Component Suite: Free


Calendar Components: Free

Date / Price Management Component Free

Preparer Components Free

Data Printer Component Free

Find Menu Component Free

ComboBox Components Free

Notes including answers to FAQ

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All registrations take place at www.shareit.com. Please do not fax us your credit card details as we cannot process them. South African clients paying cash directly into our account is the only exception.

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