Drive and Reduce Crime

Hypothesis: Driving properly will lead to a reduction in crime.

Why this Campaign?
We have to instill in every driver the desire to pro-actively reduce crime in South Africa by believing that their small contribution to driving properly will have a profound effect on their and other people's behaviour.

Written: in November 2002 (rewritten 31st December 2003), Cape Town, South Africa.

At this New Year, my wish is that everyone helps to reduce crime in South Africa. It is something that every single one of us can contribute to and it starts simply by driving properly. These are the rules that I see broken every single day on South African roads:

It seems to me that if a driver disobeys the law and doesn’t get caught then that driver is a ‘good driver.’ He or she now has something to brag about. “Hey, I drove at 150 in an 80 zone and I didn’t get caught. I’m so clever.” If we could simply obey the laws on the road, we would lead South Africa to a less crime ridden society by setting an example on the roads. You are stealing when you drive improperly. You are promoting other people to steal your property and you are promoting still other people to steal your life and highjack you. After all, why should they obey the law if you aren’t?

The laws of the road are there to make the roads safer. We shouldn’t need law enforcement on the roads. Yes, unfortunately in every society we do need law enforcement for all sorts of reasons, but if you are in a car, you have a responsibility to use it effectively and efficiently. If you do this, you will instantly reduce crime in our crime infested country. You will also use less petrol and insurance premiums will come down as traffic accidents automatically reduce in number. By using less petrol our refineries will produce less pollutants and we will import less oil thus improving our exchange rate and our balance of payments.

Everyone (with a licence) has a right to use the road, but everyone has the responsibility to drive properly and not to continuously steal steal steal on the roads. By breaking the law, you are stealing someone else’s possibility of not breaking the law by setting an example. Let’s all set a proper example on the roads in 2004. Let’s all behave like adults on the roads in 2004. We’ll all end up safer; we’ll all still get to work on time; we’ll have fewer accidents, fewer heart attacks and less stress. We’ll feel better and we’ll all be promoting that wonderful ‘Proudly South African’ slogan.

Happy New Year.

David Lipschitz
31 December 2003

Core Concepts / Hypothesis: 1) Driving our cars properly can lead to a reduction in Crime.

David's Thoughts

David Lipschitz is the owner and managing director of Orbital Decisions®, an IT and IS consultancy in Cape Town, South Africa. He holds a Computer Science degree from the University of Cape Town (South Africa), a Computer Science Honours degree from Rhodes University in Grahamstown (South Africa), an MBA from Cranfield University (UK) and a Textile Diploma from the Cape Town Technicon (South Africa).

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