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The 25 to 65 Paradigm Shift | The Soccer Club Paradigm Shift | Why KM and CRM are direct results of CPR

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What came first: economics or information systems? | My Top Person of the 20th Century (Instant Communication)
A Park for the City of London: Paternoster Square Reinvented | IT Projects Late?
The Cape Town Oil Spill

Drive and Reduce Crime | Rand Dollar Exchange Rate Predictions | Why South Africa Needs A Strong Currency
Religious Leakage (or is it Tradition Leakage?)

Unpublished Essays: Interest Rates; 'The Stranger In Our Midst'; Off the Shelf vs Bespoke Software; Training Paradigm; Why we are all mathematicians; Why we are more powerful than computers; Direct or Indirect Tax: A Debate; My ERP Standards Debate; Are Computer Users Similar To Drug Users?; Rich Child, Poor Child; Blue Fridays (vs Everyone Else's Blue Mondays); Why Microsoft has been very good for the rapid development of computer software; Is the 'Golden Age of Health' over?

The Books I Want To Write: Production Management: An Information Systems Approach;
Good Housekeeping: The IDIOTS Guide To Stock Taking.

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