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Orbital Decisions Full Component Pallet

Orbital Decisions Calendar Component v3.1.3

Freeware for Delphi 3, Delphi 5, Delphi 6 and Delphi 7 (including source code).

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When using date functions in programs it often takes up to 11 or more mouse clicks to select a from date and to date for a report. Therefore write a component that allows the following:

1-Feb to 31-Mar can be selected by left clicking on February, then moving forward to the next month and then right clicking on March.

Designed by David Lipschitz
Written by Justin Turberville
Upgraded by Alan Givati and Aubrey Ospovat
January 1998, Updated March 1998 to v1.2, Updated April 1998 to v2.0, v2.1, Updated June 1998 to v2.3, Updated August 1998 to v2.4, v2.4.1 and v2.5, Updated October 1998 to v2.6, Updated November 1998 to v2.6.1, Updated March 1999 to v2.6.3; Updated April 1999 to v2.7, Updated May 1999 to v2.8, Updated September 2000 to v2.9.0, Updated March 2002 to v3.1.2, Updated April 2002 to v3.1.3

Any Version Update | New Installation

v3.1.2 to v3.1.3

Separated Designtime and Runtime Components.

v2.9.0 to v3.1.2

Make Delphi 6 Compatible. Note download in the internet is for Delphi 6. If you need downloads for Delphi 3 or Delphi 5 please let us know.

v2.8 to v2.9.0

Added OnMouseDown and OnMouseUp events (Fired only when click occurs in Edit Area).
Added Clear Method - Clears the contents of the text area.

v2.7 to v2.8

Added ShowWeeks property – for hiding the weeks column.
TODTimePicker fixed for handling different time formats – thanks to Luc De Cauwer.

v2.6.1 to v2.6.3 Updates

Added ShowCurrent property

v2.6 to v2.6.1 Updates

Tested with Delphi4 and fixed some arranging problems that surfaced with it, and sorted out some problems with the demo app.

v2.5 to v2.6 Updates

A UseTime property has been added to the calendars for the added ability to specify times by way of embedding TODTimePicker (which has been included, with TODDBTimePicker, as separate components).
Note that you will have to specifically add unit ODTime.pas to your package to include these two new components on your palette.

v2.4.1 to v2.5 Updates

Used WinAPI LongMonthNames and ShortDayNames for default month and day names for more convenient international use.

v2.4 to v2.4.1 Updates

Button Glyphs to pop-up calendar and calendar dialog bug fix.

v2.3 to v2.4 Updates

Fixed bug with week numbers from August 1998.
Added MonthNames, ShowYearBtns, PrevYearGlyph, NextYearGlyph, PrevMonthGlyph, NextMonthGlyph properties.
With the data-aware versions, have removed the need to click twice to edit a date when the dataset is not already in edit mode.
Sorted out problem with creating an ActiveX version - had to do with accessing the owning form’s canvas property... You can now create ActiveX versions!

v2.2 to v2.3 Updates

Added a Clear Dates component menu item to TODPopupCalendar so that it does not have to be deleted and recreated to clear a design time date setting.
Surfaced the following TODCalendar date routines in the other components:
DaysInMonth, MonthToWeek, WeeksInYear, WeekToMonth.

v2.1 to v2.2 Updates

Fixed bug in the popup & dialog versions where the OnStartClick & OnFinishClick events did not fire;
Fixed bug in TODDBPopupCalendar where the dataset was not being put into edit mode on the date being edited;
In single date mode, the popup & dialog versions auto close on double-clicking a day;
Added a "Plain" property - no bevel lines.

Any version to v3.1.2 Update Installation Instructions

Install the component packages as per the instructions in the install.wri file.

Note: version 3.1.2 is Delphi 6 or above. Version 2.9 is Delphi 5 and below.

v2.0 to v2.1 Updates

Fixed the drag and drop feature so that you can select the first date with the left mouse button and drag to a future date or month whilst holding down the mouse button;
Added features to select year to day or last 2 months etc;
Added new visual front end to show different functions in an easier to use style with information about the component and about Orbital Decisions on the front page.

v1.2 to v2.0 Updates

The calendar is now data aware (but you don't have to use this feature). I.E. From and To Dates can be directly linked to the database. See the enclosed demo project and click on the DBCalendar button to see a live demonstration of changing dates in the calendar and seeing the changes in the database.

Known bug: Please do not try selecting and dragging a date range especially between months. We will either disable the drag and drop facility completely or fix it in the next release. Fixed in v2.1.

v1.1 to v1.2 Updates

1) OK button fixed on selection of a date
2) Fields passed to the calendar now displayed

The application writer can now:

New Installation

1) Unzip into new directory
2) Install ODCalend.pas for ODCalendar component
3) Install ODPopCal.pas for ODCalendarDialog and ODPopupCalendar components
4) Install ODDBCal.pas for ODDBCalendar and ODDBPopupCalendar components
4) Install ODTime.pas for ODTimePicker and ODDBTimePicker components

The components are installed into a new component page called Orbital and a windows help file is included.

Run the calendar.dpr project to see a demonstration of using the components.

The dialog can be executed using: ODCalendarDialog1.Execute;
The results are in ODCalendarDialog1.StartDate and in ODCalendarDialog1.EndDate.

We hope that you and your users enjoy using this component.

Please feel free to copy the code and use it in your applications. Our only requirement is that you reference our names or the name of Orbital Decisions somewhere in a comment in your code. Thanks: David and Justin.

Please send feedback to Information Request.

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© Copyright 2003 Orbital Decisions®
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