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Orbital Decisions Full Component Pallet

Orbital Decisions DataXChange Component Suite v2.1.3

Shareware for Delphi 3, 5, 6 and 7. Price: Free (including source code) - since 1st January 2004.
June 2000 v1.0; September 2000 v1.3.4; February 2001 v1.4.3; April 2002 v2.1.3


The purpose of this set of components is to enable the user to Import and Export data in either fixed or delimited text file format.

The export component (TODDBExporter) is based upon a TQuery.  Once your query is executed, you simply call one of two methods to export to either a fixed format, or delimited file (e.g. csv's).

The import component (TODDBImporter) provides field level access to records in a fixed format or comma separated file.  Field values are retrieved in the same way as you would from a TQuery - FieldByName.AsType or FieldByNumber.AsType.

Installation and Use

After installing the component (see Readme.htm) and browsing the documentation, you can load ImporterTest.dpr and ExporterTest.dpr into Delphi to get a feel as to how the components work with these basic demos.

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