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Orbital Decisions Full Component Pallet

Orbital Decisions Preparer Components v2.1.3

Freeware for Delphi 3, Delphi 5 and Delphi 6 (including source code).
March 1999 v1.0; April 1999 v1.1; February 2001 v.1.1.3; June 2002 v2.1.3

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These data-aware components dynamically build field controls on the activation of a dataset and destroy them after the dataset closes.

New Installation

1) unzip the zip file into a new directory.
2) install component units ODFldPrp, ODFldWdw and ODQRPrep

The components are installed into a new component page called Orbital.

Run the Preparer.dpr project to see a demonstration of using the components.

Using these components

See the enclosed project for examples of using these properties and events.

We hope that you and your users enjoy using these components.

Please send feedback to Information Request.

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