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Orbital Decisions Full Component Pallet

Orbital Decisions Visual Drag & Drop Scheduling Component v3.1.3

Only sold as part of the visual loom loading scheduling application. Shareware for Delphi 3, Delphi 5 and Delphi 6. Price: $700.00 (including source code).
February 1998 v1.0; April 1999 v2.3; February 2001 v2.3.2; June 2002 v3.1.3.

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View Screen Shot of App that uses this component (73K)


The purpose of this scheduling component is to provide a general purpose visual drop & drop interface that is adaptable for a wide range of scheduling tasks. A comprehensive API (properties, methods and events) allows for a high degree of control and customisation.

Installation and Use

After installing the component (see Install.wri) and browsing the documentation, you can load ShedDemo.dpr into Delphi and get a feel as to how the system works with this basic demo.

Live In-Use Application

If you wish to view a complex, actual application using this scheduling system, you can download the demonstration version of our textile factory loom loading scheduler. See here for further information.


Where required, we can create applications using our scheduling component or provide consultancy to meet your particular requirements - please contact us.

Please send feedback to Information Request.

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