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Orbital Decisions Full Component Pallet

Orbital Decisions DBGrid/Data Print Component v2.1.3

Freeware for Delphi 3, Delphi 5 and Delphi 6 (including source code).
August 1998 v1.1; February 1999 v1.2; April 1999 v1.3; February 2001 v1.3.2; June 2002 v2.1.3

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This printing component provides a quick and easy way of printing out the contents of a data set (TTable or TQuery) without the overhead of a report writer. Events are provided for customising the output, e.g. inserting group totals.

Notes: The component is useful where all the data cannot be displayed in your db grid at once so that using the form's print method is not good enough.

New Installation

1) unzip the zip file into a new directory.
2) install component unit DataPrn.dcu

The component is installed into a new component page called Orbital.

Run the printdemo.dpr project to see a demonstration of using the components.

The demo version prints 'Printed by an evaluation version of TODDataPrinter' and 'Copyright (c) 1998 by Orbital Decisions' at the top of every page.

Using this component

See the enclosed project for examples of using these properties and events.

We hope that you and your users enjoy using this component.

Please send feedback to Information Request.

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